How to identify a fake Elf Bar?

How to identify a fake Elf Bar?

Fakesters will always try to copy anything that's successful. But you as a consumer must not risk your health at any cost! In addition, buying a fake Elf Bar that costs 30 AED which only gives you 2500 puffs instead of 5000 puffs (as the counterfeiters cheap out on the battery), you're at loss again!

Lets learn how to identify a fake Elf Bar - a brand that's very upmarket right now. 


1. Point the camera on your phone to the UPC on your Elf Bar box (image below)

2. Your phone should upload your device data and display a link.

3. Click the link to Elf Bar’s security page, where you will see one of two messages.

4. If you are unable to scan the code, you can enter the number manually on Elf Bar's verification page here.

5. You can also refer to the Elf Bar counterfeit video on this link

6. Remember, fraudsters have created several looking alike websites names very similar to Elf Bar, don't get duped, have a good look at some examples below. 

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