Puff.AE is offering a cool discount for staff of UAE companies listed below on their first order! Please read offer conditions carefully before applying a discount code. 

*** Disclaimer: Copyrights for all brand logos used on this page are owned by these respective companies. Usage of logos on our website are solely for ease of access by staff of these companies ***

Code: EKG10 

Code: ETIH10

Code: ALF10

 Code: ALT10

Code: LMR10

Code: ADCB10

Code: FAB10 

Code: MASH10

 Code: EMR10 

Code: ADNOC10

Code: ENOC10 

Code: ETIS10

Code: ENBD10

Code: FZ10

Code: AMZ10

Code: DU10 

Offer Conditions:

  1. Usage of your discount code provides a 10% discount on your first order over 150 AED.
  2. If you have used a corporate discount code, company ID card must be shown upon delivery of your order.
  3. If someone is receiving the order on your behalf, you can choose to WhatsApp us a picture of your company ID card.
  4. Since many of these companies have sub-companies under them, you can use this discount as long as the company logo shows on your ID card.